Crowds gather at Richmondshire beauty spots for third weekend

Crowds at Richmond falls, a man urinating up against the falls and campers at Kisdon Force.

Crowds gathered at Richmondshire beauty spots for the third weekend in a row, with large numbers of people again at the falls in Richmond and complaints from local residents about campers, litter, people causing a disturbance and inconsiderate parking elsewhere in the district.

Stewards, as well as local and military police, were used to restrict access to Richmond falls yesterday and will be there again today.

Photos released by North Yorkshire Police yesterday morning showed only a small number of people at the beauty spot.

But by the afternoon, dozens of people were congregating at the river.

Local residents said there were numerous people drinking, as well as some taking nitrous oxide gas, despite Richmondshire District Council saying they would refuse access to anyone who has alcohol.

One video sent by a Richmondshire Today reader showed a young man urinating up against the falls.

A number of cars parked on the pavement on Sleegill got tickets.


The visitors again left large amounts of litter at the falls.

Local volunteers collected a number of bags full of rubbish yesterday evening.

Volunteers with rubbish collected at the falls. Photo: Colin Naylor.

There were further problems elsewhere in Richmondshire yesterday.

Local residents called the police after groups of people gathered at Kisdon Force near Keld yesterday.

One resident estimated there were 200 young people in the area yesterday with some setting up tents overnight.

A resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “The visitors blocked roads and some were being foul mouthed, carrying drinks and not social distancing.

“The police were called twice by local residents. When police went down to the waterfalls, they reported back to the residents that whist people were not social distancing there was not much they could do, even though tents had been assembled.

“A resident went down to both East Gill and Kisdon force at 9pm as music and shouting could be heard in Keld still. Nine tents were erected.”

They added: “We have cleared up many bags of rubbish following visits.

“This is the fourth incident of anti social behaviour in the last two weeks.”

The resident said cannabis could be smelt in the area and by midnight “people were out of it with drink and possible drugs”.

They added that as well as the young people illegally camping, there was a 74-yea-old hiker walking the Pennine Way.

People at Kisdon Force.
Tents at Kisdon Force.

Problems were also reported at Aysgarth Falls, with national park officials closing the car park due to the large numbers of people who visited the area.

This resulted in motorists parking on the roadside between the falls and the nearby village of Carperby. [kofi]


  1. I think bags searched, items not suitable removed and cars checked for parking paid tickets. Richmond is a beautiful place not one to be abused by so many irresponsible people. We don’t want them here!

  2. It’s obvious that nobody is taking any notice anymore hit them where it hurts in the pocket.Police could arrest them take them to Harrogate then let them get their own way home

  3. Why were police parked at camp centre roundabout and another 2 police vehicles at white shops yesterday morning,while they should of been in Richmond arresting these people.what a joke they are
    Too much hard work for them

  4. I agree, you need to prevent the issues, it’s obvious the police are powerless once the masses have gathered, prevention not cure

  5. This is shocking me and my girls and wife cleaned up there on Holiday Monday is absolutely disgusting

  6. Should have done a joint operation with police and military dog sections and rounded these idiots up, they wouldn’t stay long with a line up of teeth with a dog bite force of 1500- 2000 lbs per square inch bearing down on them. That’s the trouble with this country we’re too bloody soft, it’s bloody disgrace and I hope residents of Richmond and the Dales don’t let this drop and demand answers and more so action rather than just words. This seems to be a case of “there’s no point of shutting the stable door once the horse has bolted”.

  7. All this is really about young adults, which unfortunately, are the next generation, and are just irresponsible and inconsiderate human beings. They booze, drugs, and fight. They don’t give a dam about us, our countryside, or our planet.

    • The deputy Council Leader said No drinking, I have never seen so many drunk people walking to there cars and more and likely driving drunk. The Council should be ashamed as a few barriers will not stop this as they just moved them as they were in the way. They park in all the car parks, outside residents properties and in town and don’t even pay and display. The young people who cleaned up after all these idiots restored my faith in young people, that there are some good ones. The police just watch and list pictures on the website, of it being empty and don’t even go back in the afternoon. Why are we paying Council tax if these idiots in power can’t even do anything right. Sort it bloody outnow, remember we voted you in we can vote you out.

  8. These idiots think it’s a game now!! No proper deterrent, it makes you wonder about their schooling, if they had any,their parents etc. They seem to have gone feral whilst in lockdown. The government will need to put on toilet training for these mindless imbeciles. Bring back subscription, should lock them up in the local barracks. This will keep happening unless some serious interventions are made now!!

    • Don’t blame the schools, they are just following the example of no.10. You voted him in.

  9. Richmond council useless. I dont live in or near Richmond.But I still have Family there who I would love to meet. I’ve not been there for months. Mutch I would like to.Needs Sorting ASAP.Taking the P

  10. There are an awful lot of tractors in these areas which might just happen to break down on roads leading to certain sensitive.areas Or maybe a baler might break down. Who knows?

  11. The government need to take some responsibility for this as well. Why tell everyone to travel as far as they like to meet up with others and sit outside, and not to meet up in private gardens, before opening up pubs cafés and restaurants or at least give local councils enough time and money to open up safe toilet facilities. Exactly what did they think would happen? Upsetting for locals who have no garden so they can take their children out safely. Does nothing to boost the local economy. How did any of this decision help anyone.

  12. Once again. Drove through Richmond cars parked everywhere,not even in car park spaces. People not even social distancing. Traffic wardens van parked up in council car park. Do the police and council do anything. Might ask for a rebate on council tax

  13. Where wee the Police? Why were they allowed in their droves to Bloch the roads around the falls in Richmond? What do the Counsellors intend to do about stilopping this in the future or there the Counsellors part of the mob?

  14. Remember they are people at the end of the day, a lot of comments on here seem to be straight out of a Tory handbook, generalisations galore about undereducated or blaming their patents. This is the next generation of which I am part but they inherited this world from you the “older” generation and you are as much to blame, you didn’t do enough to protect them or this world in “ your day” you are just as culpable . The language used in these comments about the people at the falls is as much of the problem, pure hatred, unable to see past your own closed off scared existence. It’s a shame. I love Richmond falls I remember when you used to see salmon jumping up them when I was a bairn. If only you took as much interest in the fracking of our beautiful moors.

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