“Culture of good behaviour and safety” boosts intake at The Wensleydale School

The Wensleydale School.

Staff say a “culture of good behaviour and safety” has helped to boost intake at The Wensleydale School in Leyburn.

For the first time in years, the school is oversubscribed with 96 children putting the school as their first choice to join year 7 in September, with 88 places available.

A further 20 children have joined the school since the academic year began, with year 8 also now almost full.

Head teacher Julia Polley, who has been at the school for eight years, said there had been steady and gradual improvements at the school in recent years.

Mrs Polley said: “We believe that by investing in our staff, creating consistency and setting clear expectations, children have the security and support they need to truly engage with the curriculum and reach their potential.

“A famous quote says ‘a little progress every day adds up to big results’.

“This perfectly sums up the last eight years of my time at the school.

“I am extremely proud of all we have achieved at the school and we welcome children from all backgrounds and of all abilities to join us.”

The changes include a ban of phones, and split breaks and lunches so students can have more space with their peers during these times.

Senior staff say the uniform has also been relaxed, although still “maintains a clean and professional finish to reflect the down-to-earth ethos of the school”.

The school has also stopped using supply teachers with none having taught at the school for four years.

Leaders say the school is also inclusive and takes children of all abilities and social and emotional needs, with all staff trained to meet SEND needs.