Customer writes poem for kind-hearted staff

An elderly customer has written a poem to thank kind-hearted staff at a Richmond cafe.

The man, Derek, is a regular at the Little Drummer Boy Tea Room in Finkle Street, Richmond.

Despite the cafe often being full when the pensioner visits on his own, staff always make sure he has a seat, often sitting him with other customers with a spare seat.

Owner Dawn Spence said: “We always ask the customers if they don’t mind and nine times out of ten they are happy for Derek to sit with them.

“They soon get chatting and often Derek will offer to pay for their bill, or they’ll offer to pay Derek’s — it’s just lovely to see.”

Dawn said they always tried to make sure people who came in on their own had someone to talk to, if they wanted.

Staff member Shani Dawson said Derek used to visit Alessandros before it closed when she worked there.

She saw him walking past in the street an invited him into the Little Drummer Boy.

“He’s such lovely gentleman. It’s so heartwarming to see him sitting and chatting to other customers.”

Staff were thrilled Derek brought in a poem to thank them for their kindness.

Here’s the poem in full:



  1. How lovely, I’ve had the Privilege of being day with Derek and enjoyed his company very much. I bought his lunch one day, without him knowing. Little Drummer Boy is the friendliest cafe, with the best food in the whole area.

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