Dale Head Garage purchased by community, councillors told

Dale Head Garage, Hawes.

Dale Head Garage at Hawes is now a community facility, Cllr David Colley told Hawes and High Abbotside Parish Council on September 26.

He said that the purchase was now complete and shareholders were enjoying the benefit of a four pence per litre discount on their fuel, plus four per cent interest on their investment in the first year commencing on September 1.

Grant funding had been received from the YDNPA Sustainable Development Fund and the district council’s Community Fund, and all seemed to be running well he reported.

Road safety. – Eight residents from Lunds attended the meeting. The councillors were told the  community was very concerned for the safety of residents due to the speed of vehicles travelling through Lunds on the B6259.

Not only was the road a popular route for car rallies but also for Police training – and one resident had been hit by a Police vehicle, residents reported. They would like a 40 mph speed limit and additional signage to warn drivers especially as there were numerous farm entrances and footpaths.

Cllr Jill McMullon (Chair) advised that there were specific criteria for introducing speed limits and that the Police decided upon what these should be. It was agreed that a site visit should be organised with residents, councillors and representatives of North Yorkshire County Council’s highways department.

North Yorkshire County councillor Yvonne Peacock said she could use her Locality Budget to pay for a village sign to warn drivers they were entering the village.

Gayle Green. – Paul Taylor informed the council that Gayle Green was designated as a village green and was owned by the Lords Trustees of the Manor of Bainbridge who, he said, had a duty of care to maintain the site.

The site was used for military training during World War II and the turf has never been replaced, he said. It was being used now as an unofficial car park. He suggested that it should become an official car park and the nearby disused reservoir for Gayle Mill be turned into a village green.

Cllr McMullon explained that the parish council did not own the Gayle Green and the reservoir was owned by Cultura Trust and is a registered Ancient Monument. During the discussion residents noted that Gayle Green was a controversial issue which had been ongoing for many years.

It was proposed and agreed that the residents of Gayle form a constituted group to take this forward for discussions with the Lords of the Manor.

Hawes roadworks. – The residents from Lunds reported that they had not been informed about the roadworks in Hawes which had begun that day and would continue for six weeks. It was added that they were often omitted from receiving relevant information about Hawes. Cllr Peacock said the Post Office should be contacted about this.

The council was asked if work would also be undertaken on the cobbled areas in Hawes. Cllr Peacock advised that this was programmed to take place in March or April 2023 as a separate project.

Highways. – Cllr Peacock confirmed that approval had been received to undertake a survey of traffic passing through Burtersett. She will check when that will be done and inform the council.

Both Cllr Peacock and Cllr McMullon said they had reported problems in ‘Birdcage Walk’ in Hawes to the county highways department. Repairs are expected to take place during the present resurfacing project. Rob Ward commented that issues had been reported nine year ago but were still ongoing.

A resident said there was a significant hole into the sewer at the top of Gayle. Cllr Peacock said this had been reported to Yorkshire Water.

Police reports. – Another resident said that when they had tried to report an issue to North Yorkshire Police the person who answered had no idea where Hawes was and did not seem able to write down basic details.

It was agreed it would be useful for the Police to send someone to a council meeting to discuss these concerns.

Cemetery. – Cllr McMullon reported that the existing cemetery was now full and the new one would  now be used. She added that it was not clear who was responsible for the management of the new cemetery although it was owned by the parish council.

Next meeting. – This will be at 7pm at Gayle Institute on Monday November 28.