Dales bridge in need of repair after latest damage

Bishopdale Bridge after suffering damage in 2020. Photo: Pip Pointon.

Bishopdale Bridge on the B6160, between West Burton and Kettlewell, could be closed if repairs are not soon carried out soon, Aysgarth and District Parish Council was told at its last meeting.

During the virtual meeting it was reported that the bridge had been damaged again, this time with the wall on the south side being knocked into a field.

The chairman, Cllr John Dinsdale, said: “If something isn’t done soon the bridge will be closed.”

North Yorkshire county councillor Yvonne Peacock reported that the county council’s highways authority had said the repair work was deemed a priority and had been put forward for funding.

Photo: Pip Pointon.

The parish council had also reported that trees at Hestholme Bridge need to be cut back as pedestrians could not get off the road, and that saplings should be cut back along Dyke Hollins Lane, Aysgarth.

Flood damage. – Cllr Dinsdale also told the meeting that flooding at Throstle Nest along the A684 between Aysgarth and Worton had led to a support wall collapsing. This, he said, was only a foot away from the road edge beyond which there was a five-feet drop and that it had been inspected by a highways surveyor.

The parish council pointed out that as the A684 was a trunk road for emergency alternative access in place of the A66 and the M62 it was the responsibility of Highways England.

Thoralby. – It was reported that a main storm drain in Thoralby had been repaired by the county Highways Authority.

The parish council was advised that residents in Thoralby would like some of the ring-fenced Thoralby Moss funds to be used to repair drains in the village. Cllr Peacock said she may be able to contribute from the Locality Fund.

Thornton Rust. – The parish council agreed to hire someone in the summer to repair the damage caused by flooding which had lifted stones away from the road.

Permission was given for a skip to be placed outside Brookside, and for workmen to gain access to the septic tank at Lyncroft, on the condition that, in each case, the village green was made good in a timely manner at the residents’ expense.

Precept. – It was agreed that as the parish council had sufficient financial reserves the precept for 2021 to 2022 should be decreased from £6,500 to £5,500.

The parish councillors were asked to check in their villages and prepare proposals for works or asset acquisitions. These will be reviewed at the meeting in January.

Next meeting: There will be a Skype meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday January 14.