Dales business ‘flooded with orders’ for home delivery meals service

Meals ready to go in the Fairhurt's van.

A Dales business says it has been flooded with orders for home delivered ready meals since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

Fairhurst’s Catering usually runs tea rooms at Berry’s at Swinithwaite and at Bolton Castle, as well as providing catering for functions.

However, since the cafes and outside catering has had to stop, the company has switched to providing a delivery service around the Dales of home-cooked meals.

Owner Guy Fairhurst said: “Following the recent fast moving developments of the coronavirus, it became very quickly apparent that there were a lot of people considered to be in the vulnerable section, thinking of self-isolation, some of our own family members included.

“Whilst our footfall was rapidly declining in the cafe as people were suddenly thinking twice before meeting friends for coffee or lunch, the need for food in their own homes was mounting as shelves in large supermarkets were bare with no delivery slots available.

“We tentatively put a small menu together of good, home-cooked traditional meals and put a few flyers around to try and get a feel of how interested locals might be.

“The response has been completely overwhelming. I think we underestimated how isolated and vulnerable people were feeling, and to be offered the opportunity to have food brought to the door for an honest price has really hit a nerve.

“We have been flooded with orders, alongside emails and telephone calls thanking us for putting the service together.”

Guy said the result is two fold.

“We can help our local community in a way that is really needed and valued, but also to keep the business ticking over, with the local staff kept in employment until the country as a whole turns a corner, and once more can enjoy coming out of their homes.”

The company is providing a meal, which they say is big enough for two and includes potatoes and beg. for £7 including delivery.

Options include beef lasagne, chicken and leek bake and toad in the hole

To hear from Guy Fairhurst being interviewed for the Inside Yorkshire podcast click here.

Call 01969 624668 for details.


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