Dales Community Pop Choir to perform at international contest

The Dales Community Pop Choir.

The Dales Community Pop Choir is preparing to attend the Hull International Choir Competition this weekend – their first time competing at an international level.

Choirs will travel from all over the world, such as Finland and South Africa, to showcase their talent.

The competition offers categories for all types of choir, from musica sacra to pop, jazz and gospel, and all choirs will have the opportunity to work with internationally renowned choral experts on their individual repertoires.

The event takes place over four days.

As well as competition performances, the event includes individual coaching, friendship concerts and open singing.

It will conclude with an awards ceremony and closing event.

The event will be held at venues such as Hull City Hall, Albemarle Music Centre, Jubilee Central and Hull Minster.

The Dales Community Pop Choir will be performing a range of pieces including The Greatest Showman’s Never Enough, Life in a Northern Town and the classic Coldplay anthem Fix You.

The choir are hoping their winning streak will continue having recently won two trophies at the Wensleydale Tournament of Song that took place at The Garden Rooms at Tennants in March.

The choir were  proud to receive The Lady Wilson Todd Cup – presented to the choir gaining the highest marks, and The Thwaites Award – for the most promising performance of a choral work.

Taking a choir of 50 members to a four-day event is a costly experience and the choir would like to thank the NYCC Communities Grant and the Jack Brunton Charitable Trust for their support.

If you would like to learn more about the Dales Community Pop Choir and their upcoming events www.dalespopchoir.co.uk or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.