Dales dance tutor uses Zoom to keep lessons running during lockdown

James and Archie Gurden take their lesson on Zoom.

A Dales dance tutor is using Zoom to keep her dance classes running during the lockdown.

As well as utilising the video conferencing app to run her usual lessons, Janet Seymour, from Janet Seymour’s School of Theatre Dance, has launched a ‘wriggle and rhyme’ session for younger children.

More than 140 students are continuing their lessons over the internet with the school.

Janet said: “I am really enjoying being able to keep all of my classes going during these unusual times.

“We are offering the wriggle and rhyme classes to the children under three of the upper Dales because their usual playgroups are closed.

“We have had a virtual trip to the seaside and the park, with a sail in a boat on the lake and making sandcastles and flying kites.”

Parent Helen Dalton thanked the dance teacher for continuing the ballet lessons despite the lockdown.

“It is so amazing that you have brought the lessons alive into our lounge and it is great that my daughter gets to see all her friends.

“A bit of routine and normality is great in these strange and different times. Thank you.”

Dance student Lily Dalton.

The Dales children from have been joined by youngsters from Germany for the wriggle and rhyme classes.

Janet is being assisted by former student, Hannah Smith, who has recently returned from teaching dance in Ireland.

There is no charge for the wriggle and rhyme lessons but donations are welcome, which will be passed on to Swaledale Seedlings and Hawes Playgroup.

For more details click here or visit www.swaledaledance.co.uk [kofi]