Dales hotel offers free Vodka Martinis for finders of James Bond 10ps

Wensleydale Heifer’s Sommelier and restaurant manager Vince Bako in the James Bond Room.

A Dales hotel and restaurant is offering its guests an extra bonus if they can prove they are “shaken and not stirred”.

While it’s usually gold that James Bond seeks – think of Goldfinger, GoldenEye or the Man With the Golden Gun – in this case, it’s silver which is being sought after.

To celebrate the launch of the new limited edition Bond-themed 10p pieces, The Wensleydale Heifer in West Witton, is offering anyone lucky enough to have found one of the new coins in their change a chance to exchange it for a free Vodka Martini – served just as Bond himself would have it, of course.

Owner and Head Chef at hotel, David Moss, said: “We’re huge fans of James Bond here – we even have a luxury bedroom which is themed entirely around Bond – so we wanted to mark his inclusion in the Great British Coin Hunt Quintessentially British A-Z collection of new 10 pence pieces which has just been launched.

We’re sure he would approve of the two elements of the offer – a hunt for a rare and much sought-after item and a beautifully-made Vodka Martini as a reward for finding it – shaken and not stirred, of course!

If anyone is lucky enough to have found the Bond 10p coin and comes along they can exchange it for the favourite tipple of the man himself. Essentially, you can have a cocktail for 10p and what could be more quintessentially British than a bargain too?”

The Wensleydale Heifer’s James Bond Room is popular with the thousands of guests who stay in the hotel’s themed rooms each year. The James Bond Room is a Super Deluxe Double room  and features a host of Bond-themed touches including a room number of 007, circular bed and a distinctly Bond-esque chair.

A series of A-Z themed coins celebrating an eclectic mix of British things – including the Angel of the North, double decker busses, English breakfasts, fish and chips, cricket, Stonehenge and even the Loch Ness Monster – has been launched by the Royal Mint.

The collection of 2.6 million “quintessentially British” coins have been circulated and are all decorated with a range of images designed to encapsulate British identity. There are 26 designs, one for each letter of the alphabet.