Dales photographer seeks participants for arts project

Photographer Jo Coates.

An award-winning Dales photographer is seeking local women to take part in an arts project.

Jo Coates has been commissioned by two organizations, Photoworks and Jerwood, to document rural issues in the area.

She said: “My lived experience of growing up in the countryside was also one of a low income experience.

“I don’t see this reflected in the art and wanted to explore it.

“I am working with different groups to make photographic-based art work that will look at rural issues people face.”

The exhibition will be held in in London in September 2022.

Jo said that all participants taking part will have the chance to visit the exhibition with their travel paid.

The project would take place over several weeks.

Jo said: “First I come to meet you, say hello and together we do an activity that’s talking, listening and also fun.

“Then we make artwork that reflects this. For example this could be a banner that shares our issues similar, it could be a quilt that we make and then make photographic portraits with.

“It could be purely photographic where we look at stereotypes and make portraits from there. We decide this together.”

For more information or to get involved call 0753 3925638.