Dales village to have first parish election for 40 years

Thoralby. Photo: Pip Pointon.

There will be a parish ward election at the small village of Thoralby for the first time in about 40 years next month.

Thoralby Ward has three councillors on Aysgarth and District Parish Council. One councillor, Val Gladman, died on March 7 and many of the parish councillors attended her funeral at Aysgarth church on March 29.

Four people have been nominated at Thoralby. Brian McGregor was elected at that previous election and has continued as a parish councillor ever since. He hopes to be re-elected this time. The other councillor standing for re-election is Linda Cooper.

The other two who have been nominated are Helen Mayfield and Sandra Wilman, the latter being Mr McGregor’s daughter.

The only other election involving Aysgarth and District Parish Council was for a Bishopdale councillor over 30 years ago.

Thoralby is one of the five contested parishes or parish wards in Richmondshire the others being: Bellerby Parish Council, Leyburn Town Council, and the East and West Parish Wards of Richmond Town Council.