Dales village makes plans for emergencies


The emergency hubs for Aysgarth and District Parish Council will be at Aysgarth Institute and Thornton Rust Village Hall.

The North Yorkshire Resilience and Emergencies Officer, Joe Rushbrook, informed the parish council on May 25 that the equipment for the hubs and a walkie talkie for each of the five parishes, has been funded by North Yorkshire County Council.

This will enable the parishes to be in communication with each other and also with other parishes in Wensleydale and Swaledale during an emergency he said.

The parish council thanked him for arranging for delivery of sandbags to Aysgarth and Thornton Rust.

Highways. – It was reported that there had been two tyres blown out within a week due to cars hitting the pothole in the dip at Low Gill on the road between Aysgarth and Thornton Rust. This and other issues will be reported to the Highways Authority.

It was also pointed out that signage was needed on Low Green Lane, Thoralby, as the motor bikers were speeding along it were a danger to horse riders.

Rock garden. – Cllrs John Dinsdale and Peter Windle reported that they had drained the water from the pond in the Edwardian Rock Garden and concreted most of the rocks around it but it seemed there was still a leak. They will, therefore, make another attempt.  The water supply would remain switched off until the leak was resolved.

The parish council thanked the Aysgarth resident who was now weeding the garden. She intends to take cuttings, grow them and sell them, and donate the proceeds to the garden fund.

Grass cutting. – After considering various options and cost estimates it was decided to ask Mark Cooper for a quote for a maximum of 10 cuts per season/year.

There had been requests from some Aysgarth residents to leave areas of the village green uncut and to plant them with wild flowers. The parish council felt that this would look untidy at certain times of the year.

Parking on Green. – The parish council was informed that although, in the past, permission had been given to cross village green to access a garage that no longer applied if the garage had been converted into a living room. There was no permission to park on the village green and the parish council agreed it will not deregister the land.

Parish council. – During the annual general meeting Cllr Dinsdale was re-elected as chairman and Cllr Robert Walker as vice-chairman.

The next meeting is on Thursday June 22 at 7.30pm at Aysgarth Institute.