Daughter pays tribute to unsung hero and key worker dad

Chris Thornton-Dunning.

A daughter’s tribute to her unsung hero dad has touched the lives of people around the country.

More than 8,000 people have liked or given their love to a Facebook post by Sharon Thornton about her dad Chris Thornton-Dunning.

Sharon posted a tribute on popular Facebook group Applaud For Our Heroes which has been shared hundreds of times and has attracted more than 1,000 comments from people showing their appreciation for Chris.

Former soldier Chris, 67, from Brough St Giles, has worked throughout the lockdown at Wessex Food Service at Leeming Bar, where he has been working extra hours to help the factory keep up with increased demand.

Sharon, from Gilling West, said: “He has continued to work full time all the way throughout this crisis in an office for a meat production factory working harder and more than they ever have due to demand increasing during this time.

“He has gone out of his way to run errands and ensure we all have all the food and supplies we may need as myself and my daughter have asthma and have stayed home as much as possible.

“This man is our hero although he is extremely humble and would never accept that title.” [kofi]