Defibrillator installed at secondary schools thanks to fundraising by head girl

A defibrillator has been installed at St Francis Xavier School thanks to the fundraising efforts of a pupil.

The then head girl Chloe Reid began raising money for the equipment last November.

She arranged for first aid rrainer, Daniel Campbell to come into school and lead a whole school assembly on the devices and how they work.

Student councillors from St Mary’s RC School also joined the secondary for the presentation.

The school initially asked for donations from students and staff, and through this they were able to raise a substantial amount of money.

Chloe and the school were delighted to receive an anonymous donation of £500 from a member of the school community which enabled them to surpass the target of £1,000.

This has allowed the school to not only buy and install the defibrillator but also ensure it has money saved to replace the battery which will be necessary in a few years’ time.

Chloe, now a student at Carmel College, and the school have thanked everyone who contributed, both staff and students, the anonymous donator, and Daniel Campbell at Platinum Medical for enabling them to be able to provide the lifesaving equipment.

The machine it is available for anyone in the immediate area to use.

It is located at the front of the school and is registered with the emergency services.