District council flies flag for Armed Forces

Councillor Stuart Parsons, raised the flag in Friary Gardens.

Richmondshire District Council celebrated National Armed Forces Day by ‘flying the flag’ today.

Chairman of the council, Councillor Stuart Parsons, raised a special flag in Friary Gardens, Richmond.

The annual ceremony is normally hosted by the council and includes representatives from a range of organisations including the military services, council, police, help for heroes.

But with the coronavirus pandemic it was confined to simply raising the flag.

“Despite the pandemic, it is important that our Armed Forces are shown support and gratitude for the huge personal sacrifices they have made and continue to make for our country,” said Councillor Parsons.

“Service personnel are hugely important to Richmondshire district and they have played – and will continue to play – a part of getting the district through this crisis.”

National Armed Forces Day is on June 27.

The Richmondshire flag will be flown from June 22 until June 29.