District council issues ‘gentle’ reminders over unpaid council tax bills

Financial difficulties faced by some Richmondshire residents has led the district council to withhold recovery action for unpaid council tax.

For the last three months – from April to June – some households have been unable to pay their monthly bill.

However with restrictions around the coronavirus pandemic being eased the authority is to send ‘gentle’ reminders out to taxpayers who haven’t paid the required instalments.

They will be issued later this month.

Bill payers are being asked to bring accounts up to date as soon as possible and if struggling to meet the payments – and have a reduced income – consider applying for a council tax reduction.

Check out richmondshire.gov.uk/benefits/council-tax-reduction/apply-for-council-tax-reduction/  for more details.

“We recognised the financial difficulty faced by some of our residents over the last three months and as a result haven’t taken any recovery action in respect of unpaid council tax instalments,” said corporate director, Sian Moore.

“But that now needs to come to an end so we are giving people a gentle reminder to bring accounts up to date or apply for a reduction.

“We also want to thank all our taxpayers who have maintained payments during this difficult time.”

To discuss a council tax account contact the council on 01748-829100 or local.taxation@richmondshire.gov.uk