District council set to increase council tax precept by 2.27 per cent

Richmondshire district council leaders are recommending an increase in their share of the council tax bill.

The rise of £5 to £225 for an average Band D property equates to a 2.27 per cent increase from April 2020.

“Council tax underpins all our corporate priorities providing a key source of income that enables the delivery of services and balances our budget,” said council leader, Councillor Angie Dale.

“We agreed late last year that we would look to freeze either council tax or our fees and charges – things like pest control, car park and toilet charges and our lifeline service.

“We couldn’t do both – so we chose to freeze all our fees and charges which will have an impact on everyone in Richmondshire whether a resident, visitor or business.

“It was a very tough decision to make but we feel this small council tax rise – which for an average Band D property will be less than 50p per month increase – will have less impact on people’s lives.

“These are hard times for everyone – covid is having an effect on all our budgets whether at home, for a business or here at the council, so it was important we keep any rises we have to make to a minimum.”

The authority’s Corporate Board last night recommended the increase for approval by full council later this month.

Corporate board members also approved a budget of £6,762,100 for 2021/22.

This increase applies only to Richmondshire District Council’s tax requirement.

The actual increase to a householder’s bill will be greater once precepts are applied by North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority, the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and local Town/Parish Councils.


  • Richmondshire District Council is responsible for the billing and collection of Council Tax on behalf of all these authorities.

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  1. From UK Gov Office of National statistics 2020 CPI = 0.8%, RPI = 1.1%.
    Why does the any part of the council tax need to increase at a rate TWICE the inflation rate?
    These taxes have increased above inflation for so many years that is now the norm in the council/councillors mindset?

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