District council urges residents to put lid on recycling boxes

The district council is urging Richmondshire householders to keep the district tidy by putting a lid on their kerbside recycling boxes.

With forecasts of high winds once more on the horizon, residents are being asked to make sure they secure all recycling within their boxes by using the free lids provided by the district council.

The authority collects cans, bottles, paper, cardboard and plastics from the kerbside fortnightly.

Until recently nets were supplied to cover the boxes but they were also causing problems when being emptied, so lids are now available.

“During the recent windy weather some residents put boxes out without lids which has resulted in recycling blowing away and littering the district,” said Councillor Wicks.

“We are now using lids because they are more user friendly for the crews.

People cannot over fill boxes and we know we can contain littering. We urge people to put a lid on this problem.”

Lids are available free of charge from the collections crews and district council offices in Richmond, Reeth, Hawes, Leyburn and Colburn.

Deliveries will be made to elderly and disabled residents.


  1. This is a joke!!
    I put lids on my boxes numerous times for them to be just thrown on the ground by the bin collectors and they then blow onto the road and get damaged. The same happens with the box dividers for glass they empty the boxes letting the divider go into the truck as well.
    If the bin collectors took more care when placing the plastic boxes back we may not have to keep replacing lids and dividers which must have a cost!!

  2. This will only work if the householders put the lids on properly and the refuse collectors do the same when the bins are emptied. Not sure if that is correct though because the empty bins will blow away. They need placing in a sheltered position when emptied.

  3. One day the council will realise that the box and lid and contents are light and everything blows down the street, as it did earlier this week.The problem is actually the small lightweight box and lid, not the user of it.

  4. I even put the glass and tin box on top of the lid covered plastic waste box to weigh it down but they both blower away!

  5. It’s yet another not very well thought out statement by the council,the wind seems to have blown their brain cells away!

  6. we pay some of the highest ct in the county and yet our dc want to go cheap and make us do the sorting by the kerbside. its only us and york in ny thats does this. #timeforchange

  7. Also the operators leave the kids lying all over the place, not neccerally where the picked the box up from , I find the nets better as they can be tied to the box

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