District councillors agree to more refugees resettling in Richmondshire

Richmondshire councillors have given the go ahead for more refugees to be resettled in the district.

Members of the council’s corporate board this week gave approval to take at least 17 people from 2020/21 to 2023/24 as part of a North Yorkshire-wide resettlement scheme for refugees.

The scheme is part of a national commitment, the Global Resettlement Scheme, which aims to resettled 5,000 refugees per year.

Councillor Richard Good, council spokesperson, said the decision to resettle more refugees builds on the very successful resettlement scheme in the district during 2018.

“This was also part of a North Yorkshire – wide commitment where seven families were resettled,” he said.

“This is not an open – ended commitment and we will review our position again when we have resettled our agreed number of refugees.

“The previous resettlement scheme received positive support from our local communities and the volunteers around the district did a brilliant job in welcoming the refugees and helping them to build new lives in the UK.

“We are confident that this welcoming and supportive approach will continue with this new scheme.”

The district council’s approval to take the refugees is part of a North Yorkshire wide scheme which will see 200 rehomed across the county – to add to the 238 resettled so far.