Doorstep fraudsters trick vulnerable man into handing over £550

A vulnerable Richmond man has been tricked into paying £550 for goods by doorstep scammers.

Two men claiming to be military veterans who had fought in Iraq knocked on the man’s door yesterday.

The men said they needed money for a hostel and asked the man to buy household goods.

The man reluctantly agreed to pay £200 for the items. He handed over his bank card to the men who used a chip and pin machine to take £550 from the card.

The man’s daughter, Ally Allingham, said her father, who has suffered two strokes, was “kind but also naive” to agree to buy the goods in the first place.

She added: “They came to his door and said they were ex-military, had fought in Iraq and they were homeless and needed money for a hotel.

“My dad stupidly agreed to buy some household items they had in a bag — oven gloves, tea towels and things.

“They said they were going to charge him £200 because they needed somewhere to sleep.

“Being kind and naive he actually agreed to this. They took his card and a phone and a pin thing and then proceeded to take £550.”

Ally has urged residents to be on their guard against the scammers and to warn elderly friends and relatives about the dangers.

She added: “I’m gutted for him —police said it’s happening all the time.”

One of the men was about 5ft 6in, skinny and had brown hair, while the other was described as “chubby” and about 5ft 10in. He had black hair.

Both men were wearing trainers and talked with North-East accents, the victim said.

Anyone with information should call North Yorkshire Police on 101 quoting reference number 24112022-0251.