Dozens of motorists stopped for speeding during two-day operation in Richmondshire

Speed checks and a motorist being spoken to in Melsonby. Photo: North Yorkshire Fire and rescue Service.

Dozens of motorists have been stopped for speeding following an awareness initiative in Richmondshire.

Police, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service officers and community safety workers were joined by residents to monitor speeds at 13 locations in towns and villages across the district this week.

The two-day exercise was organised as part of a European Traffic Police Network TISPOL safety campaign.

In total, 44 drivers were found to be speeding with the worst offender travelling at 47mph in a 30mph zone.

The results of the initiative include:

  • 7 motorists speeding in Gilling West with the highest speed being 42mph
  • 1 driver found to be speeding in Melsonby
  • drivers travelling within the speed limit Eppleby, Gallowgate in Richmond, Askrigg, Redmire
  • 5 drivers exceeding the limit in Gilling Road, Richmond
  • 8 speeding drivers in Rimmington Avenure, Richmond, with the highest speed being 42mph
  • 5 drivers over the speed limit in Reeth Reeth, Richmond
  • 7 drivers stopped for speeding in Green Howards Road, Richmond where the highest speed was 47mph
  • 7 drivers stopped in Carperby for speeding with the highest travelling at 40mph. A driver also received a fixed penalty notice for not wearing a seat belt
  • 4 drivers over the speed limit in Hawes

Drivers found to be travelling over the limit were spoken to and given advice, with their tyre tread depth also checked.