Driver caught at almost twice the speed limit as officers respond to residents’ concern

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Police have condemned “massively irresponsible” speeds recorded in towns and villages in North Yorkshire.

The force has encountered speeds as high as 53mph in 30mph residential areas in Richmondshire recently.

It comes as local officers began carrying out additional speed checks in villages, at the request of communities.

Many drivers who were just over the limit have been given words of advice – no fines, no prosecution.

But those who were way over, including the case above, will be making an appearance before a Magistrates’ Court.

The checks are being carried out as an extra tasking on local patrols, based on concerns raised by residents in those areas.

This is in addition to the safety camera vans that deploy throughout Richmondshire – contrary to popular belief, these aren’t operated by police officers.

Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Martin Metcalfe said that in total, 486 drivers in Richmondshire alone were caught exceeding the limit in October.

He said: “We’ve encountered some massively irresponsible driving and we’re working with communities.

“My message to anyone coming to our beautiful and very fine county of Richmondshire is, if you speed, you are likely to be caught and dealt with appropriately.”

He added: “Although this action is proving very popular with the vast majority of residents, we know speed enforcement is not universally popular.

“Anyone who opposes it might change their mind if they saw the horrific and usually fatal damage that a car travelling at 53mph does to a pedestrian’s body.

“Sadly, as police officers we do see that. And that’s why I have no qualms about providing enhanced speed enforcement in towns and villages across the district.”

Motorists recorded speeding face a number of possible outcomes.

Less severe offences may be dealt with simply by words of warning and speed awareness courses.

More severe offences go to court, where drivers are likely to get fines and penalty points.

Insp Metcalfe said: “Over the last month, I’ve identified and agreed with residents several locations in the Richmond area, three locations at Leyburn, Hudswell, Catterick, Manfield, Eppleby, West/East Witton, Cleasby, Scotton, Gilling West, Melsonby, Middleham, East Layton, Scorton, Brompton on Swale, Bellerby, Hunton, Tunstall, Hawes, Grinton, Askrigg, Reeth, Aysgarth, Harmby villages, plus Catterick Garrison and Newbiggin (B6160) as areas to target.

“These are locations that my team will target whilst on patrol at random times, so it is an extra level of service being provided to what residents have been used to.”

It comes as a man was sentenced for travelling at 151mph on the A1(M) – the highest speed ever recorded by North Yorkshire Police.

Jay Barwick, 22, of Magnolia Way, Sowerby, pleaded guilty at court and this week he was banned from driving for a year, ordered to pay £675 in fines and costs.

  • Anyone who has concerns about speeding where they live can provide details at or send details in writing to: North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau, PO Box 809, York, YO31 6DG