Drugs raid on Catterick Garrison bar features on national TV

A drugs raid on a Catterick Garrison bar featured on national TV on Tuesday evening.

Last month’s raid on KOKO/Kabana bar in Shute Road was shown on Channel 5’s Traffic Cops: Drugs Busts Special.

The programme showed police attending a briefing at Harrogate police station.

The target was described as a suspected drugs den.

An officer stated during the briefing that there was consistent intelligence that the bar, which was not named, had over at least the last two years been a “focal point for Class A drugs supply and drugs use”.

Twenty officers were involved in the raid.

The police detained seven people and then arrested a man and a woman after finding cocaine.

The woman admitted that she had a small bag of the drug in her bra after officers told her she would be strip searched.

No other drugs were found on the woman.

The woman told officers it was her day off.

A man complained that he was being arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs when he was found with just one gramme of the drug.

A police officer said during the programme: “We are finding bits of drugs all over the place.

“It’s clear we are searching the right place tonight.”

In one clip police were seen searching a metal letter ‘K’ wall sign for drugs.

During the raid, a 45-year-old woman from Brompton-on-Swale and a 38-year-old man from Colburn were arrested on suspicion of possession of a Class A drug – cocaine – and supply of a controlled drug of Class A, also cocaine.

It was stated that the investigation was ongoing.

The bar was not named in the programme and the faces of the man and the woman who were arrested were obscured.

It was announced last week that the bar would close for good.