ELECTION LIVE: Results come in for North Yorkshire local elections



And that’s it for the county council election. There are some town and parish results which we will bring you later today.


It’s time for the last result of the day. Bit of a surprise perhaps.

Veteran independent councillor Helen Grant has lost to 28-year-old Conservative Tom Jones.

The numbers were Tom, 643, Helen, 490, Lisle Ryder, Green, 176, and David Dresser, Lib Dem.


Yvonne has it for the Conservatives in the Upper Dales.

She got 1,125. Penny Smith, Lib Dems, got 477 and Margaret Lowndes, Green, received 290 votes.

Yvonne said one of the great things about Richmondshire was that election candidates were always so nice to each other. She obviously hasn’t been talking to the candidates we have!


It’s Richmond…

Stuart Parsons has it.

He got 1,106, Philip Wicks got 981 and Jimmy Wilson-Petch, Conservative, 343.

In his speech, Stuart made a plea for better signs to the public toilets in Richmond, adding that there were more people coming into the Town Hall yesterday asking where the loos where than actually wanting to vote!


Yep Kevin has it!

The results are:

Kevin, 559, Jag, 551, and Paul, 309.

Wow that’s close.

Really nice moment in the speeches when Kevin commiserated with Jag as it was the second time he’s had to endure a recount and lost.


There’s just been a loud ‘get in’ from Kevin Foster in the Green Party corner of the room!


Another close vote is Hipswell and Colburn where Paul Cullen, Independent, Kevin Foster, Green, and Jag Sharma, Conservative, have been battling it out. Loads of posters up in windows for both Cullen and Foster the last couple of weeks, but does that mean anything other than someone has a big printing bill?!


The poor helpers counting the Richmond votes are being watched like hawks by Stuart Parsons and the Lib Dems. Closer than a boy racer in a Renault Clio following a Prius driver apparently…


For those asking turnout was 34.24 per cent. A lot of people had other things on clearly!


And another result. Karin Sedgwick wins in Leyburn.

Numbers were 815 to Karin, Conservative, 663 to John Amsden, Independent, and 255 to Thom Kirkwood, Labour.


Another result. Yep it’s North Richmondshire.

Jane Parlour just loses out to Angus Thompson.

The votes were 1,335 to Angus and 1,140 to Jane.


The Lib Dems are worried they might have been pipped at the post by the Conservatives in North Richmondshire. Their candidate was Jane Parlour who they say put up a really good fight, but might have lost out to Angus Thompson.


Ooh we have a result. It’s for Catterick Village and Brompton-on-Swale.

Carl Les, Conservative, beats Leslie Rowe, Independent, Mike Hill, Labour.

The votes were 760 for Carl, 417 for Leslie and 169 for Mike. Let’s use first names and see if any of them complain!

Carl is of course the leader of North Yorkshire County Council and it would have been a huge shock if he’d lost his seat. Leslie Rowe, a veteran of the political scene in Richmondshire, has perhaps done better than people might have expected though.


We hear it’s going to be close in the Richmond ward with Stuart Parsons and Philip Wicks going toe to toe!

There are quite a few nervous candidates pacing about. North Yorkshire County Council leader Carl Les looked worried ten minutes ago but looks a little more relaxed now!


Counting is well underway at Catterick Leisure Centre.

A total of 21 people are ontesting the seven seats.

Here’s a reminder of the divisions and candidates:
  • Catterick Village & Brompton-on-Swale
    • Mike Hill – Labour
    • Carl Les – Conservative
    • Leslie Rowe – Independent


  • Hipswell & Colburn
    • Paul Cullen – Independent
    • Kevin Foster – Green
    • Jag Sharma – Conservative


  • Leyburn & Middleham
    • John Amsden – Independent
    • Thom Kirkwood – Labour
    • Karin Sedgwick – Conservative


  • North Richmondshire
    • Jane Parlour – Liberal Democrats
    • Angus Thompson – Conservative


  • Richmond
    • Stuart Parsons – Independent
    • Philip Wicks – Liberal Democrats
    • Jimmy Wilson-Petch – Conservative


  • Scotton & Lower Wensleydale
    • David Dresser – Liberal Democrats
    • Helen Grant – Independent
    • Tom Jones – Conservative
    • Lisle Ryder – Green Party


  • Upper Dales
    • Margaret Lowndes – Green Party
    • Yvonne Peacock – Conservative
    • Penny Smith – Liberal Democrats



  1. Very enjoyable read, Joe. Did you run around visiting all the polling places?

    • Thanks Sylvia, no counting all done in one place at Catterick Leisure Centre thankfully!

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