Electric car charging points to be installed at Catterick Tesco

The fuel station at Tesco in Catterick. Photo: Google.

A decision to install electric car charging points in Catterick Garrison has been welcomed.

Green Party district councillor Kevin Fosters said the store has confirmed it will be installing the chargers next year after he contacted bosses.

The councillor said he had been informed that the three charging points would be able to charge five cars simultaneously.

Councillor Foster said: “I am very encouraged by this commitment from Tesco which will enable customers to charge their car while doing their weekly shop.

“This is the kind of local project we need if we’re to address the climate emergency and improve the air we breathe.

“I hope this is just the start and that Tesco will take even bigger steps in their efforts to address the climate crisis, such as moving over to a carbon-reducing electric delivery fleet.”


  1. Charging points are not much good in a power outage. Keep petrol cars and don’t put your eggs in one basket like this government is planning to do.

    • Actually Simon, you can power a house for several days off an EV battery, and then drive to Tesco to recharge it when it gets low. All you need is the right connectors.

  2. Richmondshire district council passed a £250k grant to install chargers in Richmond and area, that was two years ago, I chased them 9 months ago and still nothing happened, absolutely ridiculous

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