Emergency services called to collision near Leyburn

The emergency services were called to a single-vehicle collision between Catterick Garrison and Leyburn last night.

The incident happened on the tank road near Half Penny House.

A car left the road and collided with a wall.

Police together with fire crews from Richmond and Colburn attended the scene.

The three occupants were out of the vehicle when they arrived and were uninjured.

In a separate incident, the emergency services were also called to a single vehicle road traffic collision involving an Vauxhall Mokka on Darlington Road, Richmond, at about 9.15pm.

It is not known if anyone was injured in this crash.


  1. Single vehicle accidents invariably include excessive speed and drivers with an over inflated idea of their driving abilities .

    • Well said! Also lack of concentration in teenage drivers with several of their mates as passengers.

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