Emergency services dealing with flooding incidents as Storm Ciara hits Richmondshire

Flooding near Hawes. Photo: North Yorkshire Weather Updates.

Motorists were urged not to travel in the Dales today with several motorists having to be rescued after getting stuck in flood water.

Heavy rain from Storm Ciara throughout the night caused severe flooding, with several roads blocked in Wensleydale and Swaledale.

North Yorkshire Police said at least two drivers had to be rescued by emergency services in the Hawes area.

Among the roads affected was Brunt Acres Road, near Hawes.

A video of the road taken after the water levels had dropped showed significant damage to the road surface.

Hawes Aftermath Video by Max Percival

Posted by North Yorkshire Weather Updates on Sunday, 9 February 2020

The A684 at Wensley was also flooded this morning with at least one motorist being rescued by firefighters from Leyburn.

Few photos of Wensleydale today while we were out and about getting people out of the floodwater and diverting water from houses.

Posted by Leyburn Fire Station – North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service on Sunday, 9 February 2020

The road was also flooded at Akebar Caravan Park.

The same road was blocked at Appersett, with a report of a sheep trailer being washed downstream.

Images and videos show flooding over the roads in Hawes near the Dales Countryside Museum, although 4x4s w2ere getting through the water.

A number of drivers got stuck in the floodwater including this Maserati driver.

A684 Driver collected and taken to hawes said it was a choppy ride ? went in a bit to check depth and the water took him

Posted by North Yorkshire Weather Updates on Sunday, 9 February 2020

Other motorists were forced to abandon their cars, including this BMW owner whose car appeared to die after passing through flooding at Wensley.

A car stuck in flooding at Wensley.
A car stuck in flooding at Spennithorne. Photo: Thomas Jones.
Middleham Bridge.

09.15 Hawes

Posted by North Yorkshire Weather Updates on Sunday, 9 February 2020

This video from Mark Denton shows the force of water coming down the Swale at Richmond.

At Grinton, which suffered severe flooding in July last year, the Swale has flooded over the road and there were reports it had damaged the road surface

The main road up Swaledale was impassable due to flooding.


The River Ure at Bainbridge. Video: Darren Johnson.

Farmer and author Amanda Owen tweeted an image of her sheep trailer being washed down Whitsundale Beck in upper Swaledale.

A flood warning was issued for Arkle Beck in Reeth and Fremington.

Lesser flood alerts remained in place for both upper stretches of the River Ure and River Swale on Sunday evening.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “No corner of the county has escaped today’s bad weather, and our Force Control Room and frontline officers have dealt with a large range and high volume of weather-related incidents.

“We’re working closely with other organisations including North Yorkshire’s Highways team to keep routes as clear as possible and divert motorists if absolutely necessary.

“If you see a diversion, remember it’s there for your safety. If a road is flooded or closed, please don’t be tempted to chance it – it won’t save you any time and it could be a costly mistake.”

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said crews were extremely bust across North Yorkshire with numerous incidents reported.

Further light rain is forecast throughout the day with the gusty winds set to peak at 1pm before dying down this afternoon.

Anyone worried about flooding or in need of sandbags should contact the district council.

Click here for details https://www.richmondshire.gov.uk/environmental-health/flooding/sandbags/https://www.richmondshire.gov.uk/environmental-health/flooding/sandbags/


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