Empty flats turned unto mobility scooter stores

Two empty council flats have been given a new lease of life to benefit residents in sheltered schemes in Richmondshire.

They have been turned into storage and charging areas for mobility scooters at the Queens Court in Richmond and Oak Tree Court in Colburn sites.

Twelve spaces have been created across the two sites in the £60,000 district council scheme.

“It had become apparent that there was an increase in the number of people using these scooters but they had nowhere to leave them apart from outside or in corridors which wasn’t appropriate,” said supported housing and improvement manager, John Turnbull.

“So a project group consulted with local residents and we identified two long term empty properties.

“This scheme has not only seen us bring them back into use but we have also improved facilities for our residents.”

The new rooms – which were funded through the council’s housing capital budget and developed by Kier – have automatic doors and level access.

There is no charge to residents for use.

John added: “Our residents can actively and independently undertake day to day tasks. The scooter storage provision has been positively received by them and we are now planning to provide more scooter storage facilities at our larger sheltered schemes.”