Entrepreneur works with father to launch new tech start up company

Katy Emmett.

A young entrepreneur has launched a new tech company to help organisers of events sell trade stands.

Coburn Business Park-based business Funky Trade was launched last month by 24-year-old Katy Emmett after being in development for just under a year.

The company is funded by Yorkshire events management company Mighty Events whose managing director Bruce Emmett is Katy’s dad..

Katy Emmett is a former Richmond School and Sixth Form pupil.

Katy, who specialises in events management and marketing, said she saw the need for Funky Trade while working for a major exhibition company in the North East and Yorkshire.

The software used by the company was designed by We Scan Tickets, which is also based at the IPS Innovate centre at Colburn Business Park. 

Katy said: “After experiencing the process of a few different event businesses I couldn’t believe the systems used to sell trade stands, surely printing off hundreds of applications and chasing constant PLI and payments wasn’t the best way of doing it.”

Bruce said: “It’s been in development for just under a year, but I’ve had the idea for several years, and I am thrilled to finally make it a reality.”

Funky Trade is a free to use automated management system designed for organisers to sell exhibition stands, event trade pitches and event catering.

It is designed to remove the need of printed off applications and constant chasing of payments and insurance documents.

Funky Trade can be used by anyone that requires selling a trade stand for the likes of festivals, markets, exhibitions and catering.

The business already has the likes of music festivals, dog shows and car shows on board.

Funky Trade is currently running for FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) Start up of the year and Business and Innovations Award.

For more information on the company visit https://funkytrade.com/