Essex woman jailed for scamming vulnerable victims in North Yorkshire

Amy Molloy. Photo: North Yorkshire Police.

A woman from Essex woman has been sentenced to two years for a scam which saw several victims from North Yorkshire lose over £140,000 has reached its conclusion after an

Amy Molloy, 24-years-old of Chatsworth Drive, Enfield in Essex pleaded guilty to the offences and was sentenced on Friday at York Crown Court for possession of criminal property, fraud and theft.

In December 2021, North Yorkshire Police received a report of a courier fraud scam. This is where a person is contacted by telephone and is convinced to hand over their bank card or money before the scammer then visits their address to collect the item.

The initial victim in North Yorkshire, an 86-year-old man, was contacted by a person claiming that they worked at his bank. The victim was told there had been suspicious activity on his account which required a replacement bank card.

On the same day, Molloy attended the victim’s home address and collected his bank card. The card was immediately used at an ATM in Wetherby to withdraw £300.00 before it was used at the Apple Store at Meadowhall in Sheffield to purchase nearly £8,000 worth of goods. Further attempts to use the card the next day were unsuccessful as the victim alerted his bank and the card was frozen.

Seven days later, a second victim in North Yorkshire, a 70-year-old woman was also contacted by a person claiming to be from the bank. The victim was asked if she had received her new bank card to which she told them she had not. The scammers then advised that the card had been cancelled and it would be collected from her home address.

Later that day, Molloy presented at the victim’s door to collect her bank card stating she would immediately return it to her bank. Molloy used the victim’s card to purchase £7935.00 worth of goods from the Apple store at Meadowhall in Sheffield.

Over the next four days the victim’s card was used to make further purchases from Apple stores and other high-end stores across London.

Enquires were made to identify Molloy and using a number of tactics North Yorkshire Police were able to identify and track the vehicle that Molloy was using to travel around the country.

Research on Molloy showed that her bank account had been used to receive stolen money from a similar courier fraud in another part of the county. Further enquiries linked Molloy to similar offences in Gloucestershire, Hampshire and Cheshire.

On Sunday 20 March 2022 two North Yorkshire Police officers travelled to Essex to arrest Molloy and interview her. She was subsequently charged with Fraud and Money Laundering offences.

North Yorkshire Police Detective Constable Neil Brodhurst from the force’s Economic Crime Unit, led the investigation.

He said: “Molloy set out to target some of the most vulnerable people in our society, the elderly, to benefit for her own financial gain. She travelled between counties, committing crime in one force area to another.

“This investigation proves that there are no borders, and we will actively pursue criminals who are travelling across the country to commit crime.

“We unfortunately see courier fraud targeting North Yorkshire residents time and time again and I’d like to take this opportunity to issue another warning about it. The fraudsters use incredibly calculated and manipulative tactics to convince their victims that they are legitimate bank officials or in some cases police officers and will keep going until they get what they want. The police or banks would never ask you to hand over your bank card or ask you to withdraw money and hand it over.

“Please stay alert and report any suspicious activity to police immediately”.