Estate walkabouts to take place in Richmond and Colburn

The Cutpurse in Richmond will be one of the estates visited during the walkabout.

Richmondshire’s programme of estate walkabouts take place this autumn in Richmond and Colburn.

Set by the district council – and working with the Tenants Panel – the walkabouts deal with issues that make a difference on a local level.

Council officers, councillors, and tenants walk the estates to identify and deal with problems in a bid to keep them clean, safe and tidy.

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They take place from 10am on:

  • 24 October – Richmond from Cutpurse Shops taking in High Riding, Norman Road, Stuart Avenue, Cutpurse Lane, Windsor Avenue, Norman Square
  • 25 October – Colburn from Blackwell Court car park taking in Peppermint Drive, Blackwell Court, Highstead Way, Chester Walk, Pearson Close, Watermint Way Blue Nile Way, Magpie Walk, Thistle Walk, Firefly Walk Fourth Avenue, First Avenue,
  • 26 October – Richmond starting at Olav Road taking in Alma Place, Olav Road, I’anson Road, Frances Road, Eastfield Road, Tudor Road, Earl Edwin Drive, Millgate, Frenchgate, Church Wynd, St Agathas’, Queens Court
  • 31 October – Richmond starting from play area at Whitcliffe Grange and taking in Reeth Road, Coronation Place, Whitcliffe Place, Whitcliffe Terrace, Willance Grove, Whitcliffe Grange
  • 1 November – Colburn starting at village hall taking in Colburn Lane,Constantine Avenue, Constantine Grove, Meadowfield Road, Grange Road, Coronation Avenue, Sutton Avenue, Colville Road Colville Crescent
  • 2 November – Colburn starting from Oak Tree Court car park taking in Forest Drive 2-50, Lawson Court, Wren Court, Masterman Court, Walnut Avenue, Copperbeech Way, Evergreen Avenue
  • 7 November – Richmond starting at entrance to St Hilary Close taking in Hilary Close, Quakers Lane, Victoria Road, Newbiggin, Thornhills, Allans Court, Temple Court, Bridge Terrace, St James Chapel Wynd, Tower Street
  • 9 November – Colburn starting at Bramble Close bus stop taking in Forest Drive 54 – 99, Bramble Close, Daisy Close, Beck Close, Watson Way, Traynor Square, Cottee Way, Carter Close, Rosa Court, Cherry Tree Way, Poppy Court, Orchid Court, Foxglove Court, Lavender Court

Fort contact details for your local councillor click here.


  1. I would love to see paving from the bus stop past the library door on to the con courseand the block of shops. The everybody walks that route and it gets very muddy in wet weather.. There is a path further up which floods at the bottom… So this would improve the area…

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