European Parliament candidates announced for Yorkshire and the Humber

European Parliament's Plenar hall.

The candidates standing in next month’s European elections to represent Yorkshire and the Humber have been confirmed.

A total of 42 candidates have put themselves forward to contest the six available seats.

Polling Day is Thursday, May 23.

Of the six current MEPs, four are standing again — John  Procter, Amjad Bashir, Richard Corbett and Mike Hookem.

Labour MEP Linda McAvan is standing down this year.

Anyone who is not registered to vote should contact their council’s electoral services team immediately, or go to:

Yorkshire & the Humber candidates:

Labour: Richard Corbett, Eloise Todd, Mohammed Jawad Khan, Jayne Allport, Martin Mayer, Alison Hume

Conservative: John Procter, Amjad Bashir, Michael Naughton, Andrew Lee, Matthew Freckleton, Susan Pascoe

UKIP: Mike Hookem, Gary Shores, John Hancock, David Dews, Graham Waddicar, Cliff Parsons

Lib Dems: Shaffaq Mohammed, Rosina Robson, James Blanchard, Sophie Thornton, James Baker, Ruth Coleman-Taylor

Change UK: Diana Wallis, Juliet Lodge, Sophia Bow, Joshua Malkin, Ros McMullen, Steve Wilson

Green Party: Magid Magid, Alison Teal, Andrew Cooper, Louise Houghton, Lars Kramm, Ann Forsaith

Brexit Party: Lucy Harris, John Longworth, Jake Pugh, James Rupert Heartfield, Andrew Allison, Christopher Barker


  1. This election should have never happen
    If the MPs at Westminster carried out
    The democratic will of the people who
    Voted in the biggest democratic vote
    In the history of great Britain to leave the EU on 29 March 2019, do you remember David Cameron saying that parliament would fully carry out the outcome of the referendum.the only
    Way our democratic wishes will be carried is by voting for the brexit
    Party all the over parties labour, lib Dems, greens ,change UK do not respect
    The democratic vote of the British
    People. VOTE BREXIT PARTY and respect
    The 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU not half in or half out
    as Mays withdrawal agreement will leave us.

    • The last three years have shown how difficult it is to extricate ourselves from the EU. We aRe now in a far better position to understand this compared to 2016. May’s deal satisfies neither Brexit supporters or Remain supporters. A so- called Soft Brexit will leave us worse off than our current membership of the EU. No Deal will leave us with a huge economic hit that will take years to recover from, if at all.
      This is why the country needs to have a confirmatory vote. In my view this should probably be No Deal vs. Remain. This is not anti-democratic. Democracy is not a one-off event. If the country still want Brexit, then so be it. But to think we will be a safer, more influential and more prosperous country outside the EU is a delusion.

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