Climate change exhibition in Bainbridge to be repeated

The public was invited to have coffee and tea while viewing an exhibition of information and paintings on the theme of climate change on Friday.

The event at Bainbridge Quaker Meeting House took place on the day millions around the world took part in a day of action to highlight the danger to the planet of climate change.

Th event was described by organisers as a chance to exchange views and opinions stimulated by the scientific facts and artists images on show.

Suggestions and commitments focussed on tree planting, ethical shopping and moorland conservation to protect our important carbon sinks – peat bogs.

Several local plastic free shops were flagged up too, and participants offered their suggestions about what major decisions that government can make to implement global cooperation and decision making.

During the afternoon there was an impromptu chemistry lesson about energy creation from hydrogen given by a scientist who happened to be present when the question about how to make energy without using fossil fuels was raised.

Organiser Judith Nicholls said: “On this political issue we are , as always, avoiding party politics, we are offering and inviting different approaches and opinions, and we are hoping to provide a comfortable and friendly space for issues around climate change to be opened up.

“Awareness raising has been done so effectively by David Attenbrough and his Blue Planet series, and by Greta Thunberg.

“This exhibition, created and put together by local people, offers the chance to listen to one another’s hopes and fears about the future of our amazing home planet.”

The exhibition at Bainbridge Quaker Meeting House will be open again on Saturday 28 September from 10am to 4pm.