Expert on dyslexia inspires Richmond School students

Codpast founder and blogger Sean Douglas talks to students at Richmond School and Sixth Form College about living with dyslexia.

Students have been inspired by a national expert on dyslexia as their school launches a new website showcasing how it helps overcome learning difficulties.

Blogger Sean Douglas urged Year 11 and Year 10 students at Richmond School and Sixth Form College to have the confidence to know their own minds.

Everyone is different and everyone has their own way of doing things,” he said. “We know what is good for us so do things in a way that best suits your brains and find ways to build your confidence.”

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He told students that the popular perception was that dyslexia was a disability. “I think it is a good thing because we do things differently,” he said.

Some of the richest, most successful and coolest people in the world are dyslexic.”

Among the more notable he listed Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, Microsoft founder Paul Allen, Leonardo da Vinci, Winston Churchill, Sir Alan Sugar and Will Smith.

Around 60 per cent of self-made millionaires are dyslexic, as are 40 per cent of entrepreneurs, 50 per cent of the people working for NASA and a large proportion of staff at GCHQ,” he said.

There is no such thing as failure, just results you didn’t quite expect. I felt like an under-achiever because of my dyslexia but it is something that can make you great. If you react positively to failure you will get stronger, and it sets you up to be able to achieve your dreams – often in a different and more interesting way.”

Richmond School and Sixth Form College specialist teacher Kath Lawson said: “This is all about resilience, one of our school’s main values.

Our new website highlights the support we offer students with any degree of learning difficulty but all students, regardless of their abilities, can learn from the mindset of never giving up, learning from every experience and striving to do their best.”

The website is