Facebook users still unable to log in to accounts

Scores of Facebook users are still unable to get access to their accounts this morning after the network crashed on Tuesday afternoon.

The social media giant has claimed that its systems are now back up and running.

But many users have reported on X that they still can’t log in and regain access to their accounts.

A number of people have blamed the social network’s two-step authentication process for the problem, with the system seemingly not working as it should,

User Joe Willis said: “It logged it me out on all my devices and I can’t get back in.

“It says the password I’m using isn’t valid but won’t let me set a new one.

“Last night it emailed me the same code over and over again when I tried to reset the password – a code which didn’t actually work.

“This morning it won’t event send me the bloody code.”

Joe added: “It’s so frustrating. I don’t even like the damn network but have to be on there for work.”


  1. im having the same problem…i still not able to log in…does anyone have an idea if they are trying to fix this issue?

  2. I’m in the US and having same problem. I have gone so far as to send picture ID to verify it’s my account. ID was denied first time because Corners of my driver’s license weren’t in pictures. So I resent new photos. Just waiting yet again

  3. Since Tuesday l can’t still log into my Facebook account. Have tried all means

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