Fairground image covered up after complaint

Images of women on rides at the fair in Richmond described as “offensive” have been covered up.

Several pieces of artwork were described as “offensive, discriminatory and sexualised” by resident Claire Robson, 51, from Richmond.

A complaint was submitted to the town council which contacted the fair owners.

They covered up two of the images and apologise if they had caused any offence.

The decision has polarized views on social media with many people agreeing that the images were inappropriate and offensive.

However, a number of people also claimed that there was nothing wrong with the artwork and fair bosses should not have to cover them up.

The fair closed tonight.

These were the images that prompted the complaint:




  1. So, what is the difference between those traditional images and two people of the same sex kissing and holding hands in public?

    It looks like it’s okay for one but not acceptable for the other.
    So what’s going on?

  2. People need to get a grip. In this day and age to complain about that. Those pictures have been on the fairground rides for years. As a female and a female myself, I really do not see the issue with these images. I find it more degrading that people can’t look at the images without turning it into a social debate about rights etc. If this had never been brought to attention by one person most people wouldn’t even second look those images.

    • You are so right. If you look at someone crosseyed these days someone will find an excuse to report it. It’s becoming a sad sorry state of mind.

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