Fall in number of people unemployed in Richmondshire

Photo: JJ Ellison.

Richmondshire has seen a fall in the number of people out of work and claiming benefits.

The latest figures show there were 580 people seeking jobseeker benefits in November 2021.

The figures is down 349 on the previous year.

Of those 580, 181 were aged 18 to 24.

The Government has recently launched the Way to Work campaign which aims to get people off universal credit and into work to fill vacancies which are at a record high.

Lesley Trewhitt, DWP employer and partnership manager for Richmond and Northallerton, said: “We have just launched Way to Work with an aim to fill as many of the vacancies available locally as we possibly can.

“With a record number of jobs available, it’s right that people who can work are encouraged to take up available roles.

“Our new approach will help claimants get quickly back into work while ensuring businesses get the people they and the economy need.

“As part of our new campaign, jobseekers will receive better, tailored support to get into work from our work coaches, and through jobcentres partnering with employers to match talent to vacancies.

“Partnerships between jobcentres and employers can also include creating sector-based work academies which allow candidates without relevant experience or training to develop the skills before applying for the position.”