Family left with nothing after fire destroys farmhouse

The fire at the Brokes property.

A family has been left with just the clothes they stand up in after fire destroyed a Richmondshire farmhouse today.

More than 20 firefighters were called to tackle the blaze at the roadside property at Brokes, near Richmond.

The farmhouse has been completely destroyed.

Nobody has been injured in the blaze with the occupants either out or leaving when the fire was discovered.

Firefighters also rescued several dogs from the property.

Occupants Lorraine and Duncan Graham were shopping in Richmond when the fire was discovered by Duncan’s brother Anthony.

He told how he heard a popping noise a saw a light fitting come crashing down before discovering the fire in an upstairs room.

The fire service was called by a passing soldier who it is believed saw the smoke and flames.

Lorraine said: “We’ve lost everything. We’ve only got the clothes that we are stood up in.”

Duncan added: “I haven’t even got a pair of wellies.”

The family are sheltering this afternoon in nearby holiday cottage.


Richmond fire station manager Mick Dale said the cause of the blaze was being investigated.

Crews from Richmond, Leyburn, Colburn, Reeth and the aerial ladder platform from Darlington attended the incident.

The road remained blocked at 2.30pm while crews dampened down the building.


  1. What size ladies clothes for Lorraine, including shoe size? And where would we drop anything off that might be useful to them?

    • Thanks Marcia. Suz Gregory at the Influence Church in Richmond is making contact and find out what they need urgently. We will then let people know. Joe at Richmondshire Today.

  2. Is there a list of what the family needs & where can we donate any goods please?

  3. We supply kitchens and bathrooms, i’m ive got some old stock (shower trays etc) that you can have for free. If you let me know sooner rather than later what you might need i can put them to one side. Happy to come out and have a look when its all safe to help you plan if needed.

    All the best,

    David @ Bathrooms Direct, Leeming Bar

  4. I hate to be a bit harsh but is this not why we all pay for insurance? Not crowed funding people who did not?

    • A…..they only have the clothes they stand up in !!
      B….. It takes a while to sort out insurance claims
      C… insensitive are you when someone has just lost everything…including there home !!!

    • How absolutely disgusting a comment to a family who have lost everything! It is also somewhat childish considering the family currently have absolutely nothing at their immediate disposal, and ignorant to assume they have no insurance! Slow claps to James!

    • Inconsiderate springs to mind. If you can’t bring yourself to help someone who has lost everything then at least keep your comments to yourself. It’s not helpful. This is called good community spirit and I’m personally proud to know there’s good people out there.

    • I hope you never find yourself in this position. Yes people do have insurance but that can take weeks. They don’t just turn up and hand you a wad of notes. They do not make it easy, they do not pay out at the bloody drop of a hat. You must live in a fantasy world.

  5. Having been in a similar situation we understand the need for immediate help with the basics, We are happy to donate foc any bits of clothing for the man of the house, trainers/ Shoes jeans shirts and jumpers even a coat if we can. Please contact us at Trinity Menswear in Richmond, with sizes and we will be happy to help.

  6. Please contact me Maureen Dickinson. I am emptying my dads bungalow and there is some reasonable furniture and a cooker and fridge freezer etc. My husband has a van we can deliver. Table & 4 chairs. Pine unit, pine cupboard. Double bed with like new mattress. Happy to help in any way

  7. I have ladies clothes available to give. What are the ages/ sex of the children so I can maybe give something for them? Where is the best place to take any items for the family? I hope they’re all ok.

  8. This is awful,we’d like to help if we can.Where can I find information on what is needed & how we can donate? Thanks.

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