Farmers rescue delivery drivers following satnav down narrow Dales lane

A sign is needed at the Thornton Rust end of Richmond Gate Lane to stop any vehicles using it, Aysgarth and District Parish Council agreed at its meeting in January.

Its chairman, Cllr John Dinsdale, reported that in the last two months four delivery drivers had followed satnav directions to use the very narrow lane as a route from Thornton Rust to the A684 at Throstlenest.

Wing mirrors had been knocked off and bodywork scraped he said.

“Once you set off there is no way to turn round. Twice I rescued vehicles,” he reported.

It was agreed to ask the Highways Authority to install a sign stating “Unsuitable for road vehicles” at the Thornton Rust end of the lane.

The Highways Authority will also be asked if 20mph speed limit signs can be installed on Dyke Hollins Lane in Aysgarth.

Cllr David Wood reported that vehicles were speeding along the narrow lane.

“There is a no speed limit sign so they can do 60 mph. It needs a weight restriction and a 20mph limit,” he said.

Post Office. – The parish council will ask the Post Office what it will do to ensure that the needs of a Dales’ community are met now that the post mistress at Thoralby has resigned.

At its meeting in January the parish council heard that the Post Office had issued a closure notice. It was pointed out that these days those living in rural areas also depend upon a post office for their banking.

Aysgarth Falls. – Cllr Wood asked if it was possible to have a brown sign at the junction by Aysgarth Falls Hotel to show visitors the way to Aysgarth church.

The clerk will ask the Highways Authority about how this could be done and if there would be a charge. The parish council made it clear that it was not in a position to pay for such signage.

The Highways Authority had informed the parish council that the holes in the tarmac on the steep bend on Church Bank was a case of surface wear rather than “actionable pot holes”.

It also argued that the defects in the tarmac by The Falls Coffee House were within the apron of the access to the car park and so were the responsibility of the owner to repair.  Aysgarth councillors pointed out that in the past that area had been accepted as the responsibility of the Highways Authority.

The parish council had no objections to the owner of Yore Mill having works carried out on the path at the bottom of the steps from the church  or having the tree nearest to the mill removed.

Aysgarth village. – The parish council discussed a proposal by the owners of Aysgarth Falls Hotel to buy and convert the old Methodist chapel in Aysgarth into self-contained ancillary accommodation  for up to 10 hotel guests subject to planning approval.

There was concern about parking even though the hotel owners had said those using that accommodation would be asked to park at the hotel and walk to the chapel.

The Highways Authority had advised the parish council that the white lining recently carried out in Aysgarth was fully compliant with current regulations and so there were no plans to change it. Cllr Peter Windle said he would have a look at the regulations.

As there was a leak in the water feature in the Rock Garden it was agreed to ask a local maintenance person to provide a quotation for refurbishing it.

Bishopdale Bridge. –The Highways Authority had informed the parish council that a site inspection was held at Bishopdale Bridge in December.  It stated that engineers were working on producing a design for the most appropriate repair.

The parish council was reminded that at its October meeting North Yorkshire County councillor Yvonne Peacock had reported that she had asked for an estimate for the bridge to be completely altered. As that would be a capital expense that would have to be considered by the county council’s executive committee.

Thornton Rust. –  Cllr John Dinsdale reported that It had been found that the floor of the defibrillator cabinet had been damaged probably due to a surge of electricity during Storm Arwen. This meant that the defibrillator could not be safely kept in it during very cold weather until it had been repaired.  The parish council has requested the repairs to be undertaken.

It was reported that the Highways Authority had removed a branch which was deemed to be an immediate hazard on the road between Thornton Rust and Aysgarth.

The rest of the tree was not believed to be dangerous but a Highways officer will monitor the situation and a Highways tree specialist will check it to see if any further action is needed.

Thoralby . – The village’s councillors advised that following recent works to the underground electricity supply repairs were being carried out on the village green.

The parish council believed that ivy overgrowth on a building at the bottom of Mill Hill was obstructing visibility along the road. A Highways officer had not, however, deemed it a highway safety issue.

Next meeting. –  Will be in Aysgarth Institute at 7.30 pm on Thursday  February 17.