Farming and landscape exhibition at The Station

Farming and landscape in the Yorkshire Dales go hand in hand, and have done for at least a thousand years. But what’s the story today?

What farming practices persist unchanged?

Are some farmers tending to revert to less intensive farming? What new tools or approaches are affecting farming today?

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The Voices From the Land exhibition shares the reflections of Yorkshire Dales Farmers about their day-to-day practices and their relationship to the unique landscape of fells and dales.

Voices from the Land brings together black and white photographic portraits and excerpts from interviews with farmers across the Yorkshire Dales.

With timeless images and thought-provoking words, it provides insights into the current state of farming, climate and the environment, and shares the farmers’ hopes and concerns about the future.

The work on show at the Station is drawn from a larger collection of images, audio recordings and writing made over almost two years by writer Harriet Fraser and photographer Rob Fraser for the Yorkshire Dales Farmer Network, with the help of volunteers and students.

The full collection is archived at the Dales Countryside Museum and at the University of Leeds. Voices from the Land has been made possible with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Sustainable Development Fund

See Voices From the Land at The Station, Richmond until April 25.

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