‘Farms shouldn’t be in villages,’ says Richmondshire councillor

Rose Villa Farm.

A bizarre first-past-the-post contest for planning permission between two farms appears to have finally been settled, amid calls for farms to be moved out of villages.

Richmondshire District Council’s planning committee was told to reconsider its decision to grant a scheme to build 35 homes on Rose Villa Farm, Barton, near Darlington, over a similar proposal at The Ashes Farm in the village following Government policy changes.

The meeting heard claims the launch of the revised National Planning Policy Framework days after the proposal was granted meant the decision could be considered unsound.

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Housing schemes are unusually decided on their merits, but because granting both schemes would overdevelop the village, both schemes had at some points previously been recommended for approval by the authority’s planning officers.

Eventually, councillors decided in July that while they accepted there were potential public benefits for both schemes, they felt The Rose Villa Farm application would result in greater public benefits.

Speaking for The Ashes Farm at the latest hearing, planning agent Jon Saddington said the change in Government policy now made that proposal “significantly better”.

He said the application would be “more beneficial for Barton village in terms of eliminating ongoing nuisance, including odour, noise, vehicle movements, environmental hazards and associated risks”.

Richmondshire councillor Jamie Cameron.

Dismissing concerns about overdeveloping the village, Councillor Jamie Cameron said he now wanted to see both proposals approved.

He said: “Farms should not be in villages any longer. That’s past those days. People don’t like the smell, they don’t like the tractors, they don’t like anything.

“We have to accept it and there’s nothing wrong with that. The right place for a farm is in the countryside. Villages are for commuters and for people to have their homes and they don’t want cows mooing, smells and flies. I fully support them.”

Other councillors said it was apparent pressure was being exerted on farmers located in villages to move their operations elsewhere and suggested residents could consider contributing towards farmers’ relocation costs before reaffirming the decisions made in July.

But Richmond county councillor Stuart Parsons said after the meeting that in most cases the farms were there first and called for Cllr Cameron to resign over his comments.

He added: “It is the Conservatives which are allowing the unbridled development of the green belt and so bringing farms closer to towns and village.

“When people buy houses they do their research and know that farms are in the vicinity.

“Cllr Cameron represents a rural farming community and so should know better – or is he proposing a forced re-location of all farms away from villages?

“The smell he should be worried about is his own proposal to cleanse our towns and villages of farmers so that his friends the commuters can invade the area.

“He should resign with immediate effect. Our farmers deserve our support not this sort of attack.”


  1. I moved to a small village near Richmond last year from Essex. We have cows, sheep, tractors, country smells and I wouldn’t have it any other way! There are places for these people he is talking about. Towns. Cities. Keep the farms in the villages! They’re a vital part of the country!

  2. Sounds like a plan. Let’s close all the footpaths so the new villagers don’t have to see any farms and nasty smelly farm animals, and then they won’t have to put their dogs on leads. They can safely play in their sanitised back gardens.

  3. Well that’s a stupid remark placing farms outside villages, they were there first and the villages built up around them. If the people living there don’t like the smells etc they shouldn’t have decided to live there!

  4. You wrong most farms are psst down generations and have been in the villages for 50plus years. Why should the farm move beacuse townies are moving in. If you font like the smell,want to be stuck behind a tractor, dont like the sound of animals grazing, tractors moving around at all hours, and everything else that goes with farmers making a living the way they have done for years, then dont move next to or in the sane village as a working farm. If it wasnt for these farms you wouldnt have english produce such as milk, cheese, ice cream, fruit, veg and meat! So unless you want to sauce your own tea (i.e grow own veg, fruit, feed and kill your own animals for meat) then i suggest you leave the farmers to what they do best and fuck off to the city! AWAY FROM FARMS

  5. Most of those farms have been there for years ,in fact the village has been ruined with all the builds there over the years ,Not the village i grew up in and loved…….

  6. If you don’t like the smells of the country side don’t live in it. And don’t forget tractors came to the rescue in the bad weather over the winter

  7. Farms shouldn’t be in villages? What a load of tosh! I live in a village & I love the noise of the cows & sheep etc, I feel comforted when I return home from anywhere & can hear the noises & smell the sheep s*** . I’m an incomer married to a Yorkshireman & I’ve lived in towns before & I would rather live where I do than in any town. The cows occasionally strutting past our house & the sheep baaing in the fields around us – perfect!

  8. If you don’t like farmyard smells and the sounds of the countryside then live in the towns and leave our farmers alone

  9. Cllr Cameron cannot vote on these proposals as he has already pre-determined his position.
    Perhaps Cllr Cameron should be stating that villages should no longer be on farmland! He represents a rural community on the District Council and so should be aware that the farms were there first and have moved closer to villages through his party’s (Conservative) support for unbridled development of the green belt!

    Is he now proposing to fund the removal of farms and to compensate their owners for the loss of their arable land? Farms are the lifeblood of our local economy and farmers deserve all of our support instead of his preposterous comments.

    He should do the decent thing and resign from representing his farming area!!!

  10. Farms were always there first, everything here today has been built on farmland. Birmingham used to be a lovely farming area until the development started. Farmers feed you, and provide the land to house you. Show some respect.

  11. I live in Barton and say to that stupid councillor, Mr. Jamie Cameron, if you don’t like the sights sounds and smells of farms stay in town. Who the hell asked you to speak for me? Farming is essential to the upkeep of the countryside and if you don’t like it don’t come, we can well live without you.

  12. Never heard such utter bull in my life. Villages were born from farms and are part of our history and countryside. It wouldnt be a village if not surrounded by farms. If people don’t want to move near a farm don’t move to a village.
    Praps it’s about time we begin to rely on our own farms for produce rather than go overseas

  13. What planet is this bloke on? Stuart Parsons hit the nail on the head with his calls for the man to resign. As a representative of a rural community he should know better. What an absolutely idiotic stance to take.

  14. Cllr. Cameron is a disgrace to his voters,, his party and the council. Villages are for country people, farm workers, tradesmen and people who want to live in the countryside, with it’s smells, noises and farms included. People who don’t like this countryside as it is should put up, shut up or (to borrow a phrase) go back to where they came from!

  15. Councillor Jamie Cameroon should resign and go back to where he came from he is clearly lacks an understanding of country life and should not hold office

  16. This is so ridiculous – people shouldn’t move to the. Ountry if they don’t like the couture – with out farms This poor excuse of a man wouldn’t have food on his plate milk for is afternoon tea. What a ridiculous suggestion farmers should move out of villages – his head please on a plate

  17. I hope he is regretting this absolutely ridiculous comment. Villages are about farms, animals, noises, smells and community. This is what needs to be preserved……hand in your resignation Cllr Cameron

  18. I live in a town and often visit the small villages surrounded by farms and dream of moving to such an incredible place
    I love to see the cattle and do not care about the smell
    That so called councillor can swap places with me any day
    That’s the trouble with having too much you don’t know what it’s like to dream of the simple life the working class long for

  19. Maybe cllr Cameron should look at other problems that cause nasty smells and flies like recycling and the fortnightly rubbish collection?

  20. I completely agree with Stuart Parsons, that ignorant imbecile should resign immediately. He’s suppose to support the rural community which includes farmers. He hasn’t any idea what he’s talking about. My father in law bought our farm in1936 and it was a farm long before that. To move the farm buildings would cost £100 of 1000s and where or how would we move the fields. For gods sake how thick is the fellow. He wants to go and live in a town and smell the pollution of cars and buses which causes all sorts of diseases, farm smells don’t. I think there should be a petition to get him off the council.

  21. What planet is this man living on.Farms are at the heart of the community and realistically smells noises etc is part of the joy of living in real rural communities. If you don’t like it then move. Those that live there make that choice

  22. Most of the community supports farming it’s part of the joy of living in real rural areas.If people dont like the smells and noise then they can move what a ridiculous state of affairs- after all were does our food come from

  23. He doesn’t represent the values of Richmondshire
    Farms are essential here they are the backbone of the community
    Note to outsiders considering buying property here the farm was here long before your house tough if you don’t like it

  24. What a twit! Farms and villages ARE the countryside! Villages aren’t ‘for commuters’; they’re for rural workers -yes, even those who work on farms! – to live. Commuters should live in towns and cities, where they’ll be free from the rural smells and sounds and those nasty tractors.

  25. What an absolute moron! Typical bloody offcomer! Farms have been there since the year Dot and villages have only sprung up because the stories have allowed so much building on the green belt! He should be ashamed of his comments and should resign with immediate effect also any other councillor that agrees with him!

  26. What’s that I smell coming from this mans mouth??? Oh that’s right utter bullsh*t .. he needs to keep his mouth closed and go back to the town/city he belongs in.
    As he certainly doesn’t belong in the countryside!
    Farmer’s need support not moving on ..where does he think his breakfast dinner and tea come from?? Most of it produced on farms.
    villages are built around farms as a lot of the cottages are what used to be farm and estate housing for the workers..
    send the incomers out and then the locals could actually afford to live where they were brought up!

  27. Unfortunately politicians who don’t understand planning theory and the history of planning terminology are being lobbied and probably bribed,
    Directly or indirectly,
    by developers and blaming planners and planning departments, which are historically underfunded and staffed.
    Every four years these officers are forced by governments to totally rewrite their planning policies and local plans because of such lobbying.
    These people make statements like,
    “Urbanisation is Working”,
    Showing a complete disrespect for a historical planning term, which planning theory is based around managing and preventing from damaging our natural landscape, it’s historically developed forms around which our sense of community survives and flourishes and many other negative impacts of unharnessed development.

  28. Where does my view come from as a 70 acre business park owner?
    My Countryside Planning Degree 😊

  29. Please read my share of this page, where I explain why these disgraceful decisions are happening. Charles Cannon BA Hons Countryside Planning.

  30. If people don’t want farms near their homes, perhaps they’d prefer a house in the city?

  31. What a twat no doubt the farm was there b4 most of the village, send the townsfolk back to the city and leave us country folk , and green fileds alone, hope he doesn’t get back into office

  32. He should resign and crawl back under the rock he came out from. Clearly has no clue about farming life

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