Feature film to be shot in Dales village

Askrigg. Photo: Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

Residents and visitors to the Dales may be surprised to see a circus big top near the village of Askrigg later this month.

Sadly the circus has not come to town, the tent is being used as one of the locations for a feature film entitled High Wire which is being shot in the area.

The film is about someone wanting to become a circus performer.

Producer Djonny Chen, of Silent D Pictures, said: “We choose Askrigg and the surrounding area because they have a lot of the elements that we need to make this story work, and it is nice to continue the filming legacy of the village after its connection as the location for the original All Creatures Great and Small.

“I can’t say too much about the story while we are in the production phase, but once released we would be delighted if it encouraged more people to visit the area, in the meantime we would prefer it if members of the public stayed away so we can get on with filming.

“Unfortunately our budget does not stretch to Hollywood A-listers and much of the filming will be inside so there really won’t be a great deal to see.”

The production has however proved to be a welcome boost to the local economy with many of the local B&B’s being used to accommodate the film crew and support staff.

Djonny added: “The people of the village have been so welcoming that we are really looking forward to our time here and hopefully the film will do justice to this stunning area of the country.”