Fire crews called to flooding incidents across Richmondshire

Colburn firefighters pump out the basement at Yorebridge House Hotel, in Bainbridge.

Richmondshire fire crews were called to more than a dozen incidents yesterday as Storm Ciara swept across the district.

Full-time and retained crews were called to rescue stranded motorists, pump out flooded properties and prevent flooding to homes and businesses.

Areas of the Dales hit by flooding in July last year found themselves again at risk, however thankfully there was far less damage.

These are the incidents attended by crews in Richmondshire:

7.50am – Flooding in properties in Thwaite Holme Lane, Askrigg

7.52am – A man and his two dogs had got stranded in a vehicle on the A684 at Worton. The man had managed to escape by the time the crew arrived.

8.25am – Firefighters were called to flooding inside properties in Breconbar Road, Bainbridge. Crews used sandbags to prevent further damage.

8.44am – Crews were called to further flooding in Leyburn, Road, Askrigg.

8.51am – Firefighters were called to a motorist stuck in flooding in Bishopdale. The motorist was out of their vehicle on arrival. Crews moved them to a nearby village.

9.04am – Firefighters were called to Bellerby were residents were concerned about flooding in the open.

9.24am – A crew diverted flood water from properties in Smithy Close, Thoralby.

9.56am – Firefighters were called to a flooded property on Marrick Moor, near Reeth, where they isolated the electrics and gave advice to the occupiers.

10.32am – Firefighters were called to a car stuck in flood water at Wensley Bridge. The crew pushed the vehicle out of the water. The occupants went to the pub for shelter.

11.08am – Firefighters were called to Dalton Gates and Dalton-on-Tees to pump water from flooded properties.

11.13am – A crew was called to a flooded property in Breconbar Road, Bainbridge.

11.13am – Firefighters were called to West Lane, Dalton-on-Tees after properties were flooded.

12.25pm – Firefighters were called to a flooded property in Grinton where water was 3ft deep.

12.46pm – A swift water rescue crew rescued a man from his flooded vehicle at Wensley Bridge.

12.51pm – An elderly couple had become stuck in flood water on the A167 at Croft-on-Tees. Firefighters pushed the vehicle to safety.

5.46pm – Crews were called to rescue a woman stuck in her vehicle on the bridge at Croft.