Firefighters called after motorist drives into flood water

Firefighters were called out after a motorist drove into flood water.

The incident happened at about 7.50am on Friday morning.

The crew from Hawes were mobilised to assist a motorist who had become stranded after driving in to flood water.

The crew used swift water rescue gear to wade in to the water and walk the occupant from their vehicle back to safety.

The occupant was advised to arrange his own vehicle recovery.


  1. Although I accept there is an element of common sense involved, mixed messages are given by inaccurate signage. The a684 was still closed in parts yesterday despite the water being long gone. The huge new electric signs have not showed correct info from the beginning. They light up and state flooding when it is not an issue. When there are heavy floods they do nothing at all. We don’t trust them and therefore need to take risks to see if the road is actually flooded.

  2. I was very interested to read in the comments about the new flooding signs showing incorrect information on the A684 roads in Wensleydale.

    This is what seems to happen these days. Someone is granted thousands of pounds to put in what could be a very helpful piece of kit. But once it’s up and running they just walk away with a pat on the back BUT THERE IS NOTHING PUT IN PLACE FOR THE MAINTENANCE.

    This seems to happen so much today with the roads and other things where nothing is put in place for the day to day maintenance.

    Have they not heard of a stitch in time save’s nine?

  3. Nobody *needs* to take risks but some people *choose* to. However, having observed that the road is flooded, driving into the floodwater is sheer stupidity.

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