Firefighters called to blaze in Richmond pub

Photo: North Yorkshire Fire and Recue Service.

Firefighters were called to a fire in a Richmond pub this morning.

The blaze at the Castle Tavern in the Market Place was reported at about 1.15am

Crews from Richmond, Colburn and Leyburn were called to the incident.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said the blaze was behind a fireplace.

Crews arrived to find the five-storey building had been evacuated and guests were stood outside.

The ground floor was heavily smoke logged.

A fire service spokesperson said smoke detectors were fitted, activated and had raised the alarm, allowing eight people to be evacuated from the property prior to the arrival of the fire service.

“The incident commander committed two fire fighters in breathing apparatus to tackle the small fire which was behind the fire place with a hose reel.

“Fire damage was caused on the carpet and surrounding area.

“A positive pressure fan was then used to ventilate the property with further properties checked for fire/smoke spread.”

Photo: North Yorkshire Fire and Recue Service.

Small tools were used to dismantle the fire place.

The cause was accidental.

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  1. What’s not been mentioned is that the fire was put out by a guest,alarm went off then went silent,went off again and when we got to bottom of the stairs landlord was trying to silence the alarm saying it was a false alarm and go back to bed,a guest who obviously had a clue asked what zones the fire panel was showing but reply was can’t see it not got my glasses,guest saw it said bar /snug and went outside and looked through the front windows to see fireplace and surround on fire,went in to say fires in bar area and get an extinguisher, landlord got one but struggled to work it,guest took it ,pulled the pin and sprayed the area putting the flames out then went outside to await fire brigade,he never got a thanks or even a free pint,pub smelt of smoke obviously next day and they decided to move into the kings head further up road at their own expense given the circumstances

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