Firefighters called to deliberate fire in derelict Richmond flats

Firefighters attended a fire in a derelict block of flats in Richmond.

Crews from Richmond, Leyburn, Reeth and Northallerton, along with an officer, were called to the blaze at about 5.25pm on Friday.

The fire started in a ground flood bedroom.

It caused 100 per cent fire damage to the bedroom and smoke damage to rest of the flats

There had previously been a fire in the building so there was already some damage.

Crews used eight breathing apparatus sets, two hose reels, two thermal imaging cameras and small tools.

The cause is believed to have been deliberate.


  1. Where are there empty flats in Richmond? If they are council owned then there are plenty of families on the waiting list! If they are private then the landlord should make them more secure.

  2. Ridiculous on many accounts, as mentioned by someone else if they’re empty flats they should’ve been given to someone who needed them. Props to the fire service though who made use of good technology (thermal imaging cameras) to get their job done properly

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