Firefighters called to house fire caused by electrical fault

Firefighters were called to a house fire caused by an electrical fault on Tuesday.

The incident at a property off the A684 near Leyburn was reported just after 8am.

Firefighters from Richmond and Leyburn responded and arrived to find the occupant outside of the house.

The crews used breathing apparatus equipment to enter the property and extinguish the fire.

A positive pressure ventilation fan was then used to clear the property of smoke.

In a separate incident, Colburn and Leyburn crews attended a house in Hunton at about 8.10pm last night following a report of alarms sounding and smoke inside.

Firefighters found a cardboard box containing food items left on top of an oven hob which was turned on.

The crews removed the box and used a hose reel to cool the area. They also isolated power to the hob.

Advice was given to the occupant.