Firefighters called to report of fire in Coverdale

Firefighters were called to a report of a house fire in Coverdale this morning.

The incident as reported at about 3.30am.

Crews from Leyburn and Grassington attended.

On arrival, the fire was out and had been extinguished by the occupier.

The fire involved logs stored close to a log burning stove.

An inspection was carried out and advice given.

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  1. I’m amazed that a fire engine was called out from Grassington to risk there lives drive all that way over those high moor swow and ice cover roads that night to come to a house in Lower Coverdale,when there must have been one available from Masham or Bedale or the Richmondshire area which would have been much much safer and quicker for the driver.

    I would think the person who dispatched the crew from Grassington didn’t know the area and look on a map as the crow flies which would not show the horrendous narrow untreated roads over those tops.

    THIS NEEDS LOOKING INTO. As lives can depend on this.

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