Firefighters issue warning after Crakehall crop fire

Firefighters were called out yesterday after a large crop fire.

The incident happened in fields near Crakehall.

Firefighters worked with agricultural contractors and the farmer to create a fire break in the crop to stop the blaze spreading.

Fire crews from Richmond, Leyburn, Colburn and Bedale attended the fire.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “It is extremely dry at the moment and the risk of a fire outdoors is extremely high.

“If you’re an agricultural contractor, consider putting an extra fire extinguisher in your vehicle incase of a fire.

“Earlier today, that extra fire extinguisher saved a piece of agricultural equipment from been a fully developed fire that could of spread more to the crop.

“Water supplies can be a issue for crews when dealing with a crop fire and farm fires.

“Farmers, contractors, please do get in touch with each other if there is a fire, your water bowsers can help us significantly!”