Fire service called after tea towels left on hob

The fire service was called out to a small cooker fire this morning.

The incident happened at around 9.50am in Cutpurse Lane, Richmond.

The crew from Richmond Fire Station responded to a report of an oven fire in a residential property.

On arrival, firefighters found it was a small fire to tea towels that had been left on top of the hob.

The crew extinguished the fire using a dry powder extinguisher and used a thermal imaging camera to check for any fire spread.

They then gave safety advice to the occupant.

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  1. This is a lie. The dog (5 months) accidently turned the dial on the oven when he jumped up to either play with the tea towels or to take the bottle that was ontop of the hob. This then causing the tea towells to burn and catch alight. The bottle setting alight and to the oven setting on fire and breaking the glass on the back of the oven. When my mum got back she was lucky because if she was any later puppy would have died 🙁 so if your gonna post stuff on the news or whatever say the truth cause we’re a bit pissed that you’ve lied but it’s alright we all make mistakes

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